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March 2013:
We are excited about the new single Rob A is doing with friend in the game Masta Ace. Ace just finished his part this week and it is sounding like classic material already. Along with this single you will surely get into the B side as well. Dj Rob A's solo track "Still got Strenf". Check for this release at all digital stores later in 2013. Feel free to share and pass it on. Make sure you check the old turntable mixes and some beats by DJ ROB A off old mixtapes you should enjoy check for music updates often on our Soundcloud . We might leak the old "Dj Rob A Mix Tape #32", shortly. Dj Rob A is also working on some instrumental projects as well. Thank you for your continued support! . CHECK OUT THE RECENT INTERVIEW WITH DJ ROB A @ . BLOGGERHOUSE Talking about hip-hop history.
The DJ ROB A, & MF DOOM track "She Still Got Dimples" will be released as a single very soon. There will be mix, instrumental and accapella versions. We will first release digitally then press on vinyl after that. Also thanks to the UK for supporting us so much lately in sales, clearly you all still know what true hip-hop sounds like. So make sure you check back later for this. Also please check for the ad in the back of the Issue #37 of "Wax Poetics". Dj Rob A is working with Abel O. on new single and will be bringing more contemporary sounds next. Dj Rob A-The New Mortal Sin on sale NOW at Most Digital Stores! Support Golden Era Hip-hop recorded in the 2000's!
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Check out a solid review done at Rap Reviews! RAP REVIEWS 7.5/10 Also see what other fans are saying GIGACRATE

DJ ROB A:"The New Mortal Sin" brings you the seriousness with a taste of humor that hip hop heads should enjoy. The beats are done with his classic sample style, heavily melodic with soulful undertones. Rob A has been crafting beats for 15 + years (Mf Grimm Time and Space) and always only on the EMU SP 1200. You get just the gritty sounds of the SP banging your dome. For the newbies this will get you off the synth beats. All lyrics and cuts also are by Rob A unless a guest makes an appearance. Recorded in the guest bed room of DJ ROB A 's house and mixed and mastered at other sites. For the lead single "She Still got Dimples" Rob A teams up MF DOOM on a MF DOOM produced track. This is going to spark some attention, talking about the seriousness of domestic violence. Be sure to check the rhymes by Rob A on "Hush it"; some of the lines in this song will be stuck in your head. "Stacks in the Lab" is sure to get some attention due to its classic soul beat and horns. "The Genesis was Strummer" is an autobiographical track that started with Robs hero as a child Joe Strummer. "Gunclaps on Wax" is for the underground heads, as MF Grimm joins Rob A on an avant-garde beat. DJ Faust (Urban Assault, Faust and Shortee) joins Rob A on "Where ya at VA?" a tribute to his home state. This song was completed in 2001 and previously unreleased. Take a journey into the serious message of "City of God" through the perspective of a youth growing up in inner city New York. Rob A very often prefers narrative songs, and they tend to be his favorites. The track "Explicit Lyrics" is meant to be ironic but will some get it? Check out the HUGE SOUNDS of "SWARM" and see why Master P picked "Whatz up Cuz" as one of his 5 favorite tracks on mp3.com back in the day. "Razors and Ice Cream" is a loosely autobiographical track and another classic narrative with a movie score sound scape. People, this is the real hip-hop not to be confused with what is drowning us out. So as Rob A says "Pay the iTunes fee cause our dues are neva free." Word!

Check out Master P giving ROB A props. One of his 5 favs, "Whatz Up Cuz" .


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